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Velve Dore' LLC began from a passion of standing out from the crowd. We began May 2016  as a style consulting firm . One year later Velve began to provide curated collections for men and women through pop up shops, consignment of high end designer items, personal styling, and closet restoration.   

Some partners include The W, Washington DC, Carolina Kitchen, and Provisions 14. Velve Dore' also has affiliations with National Curves Day, and Enjoilux creater of Short Hair Dont Care, runway event. 

Velve Dore': (Vel * v Door)  Velve, represents the royal textile Velvet introduced by the ancient Egyptian noble class.  A doré bar is a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver, usually created at the site of a mine.. As a lover of luxurious fabrics and metallic EVERYTHING... this was a perfect name to represent my brand. 

Mission: Velve Dore' is a company redefining vintage clothing and accessories, which creates a statement for today. 

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